What I’m working on…

I hope you all are having a good beginning to October, beginning of Q4 and beginning of the fall season. It certainly does not feel like we only have 3 months left of this year before we come to 2022! It’s flying by for me! I’m optimistic though for the new year for the music industry opening up more and more. Just seeing pictures of the Austin City Limits this past weekend was wonderful to see people out and about and enjoying the great new artists of today! That crowd for Billie Eilish, WOW.

Anyway, while things have changed as far as the type of work I’ve been doing this past year, it still really is great that I’ve been able to continue supporting my clients through their other revenue streams outside of performing. I’ve also gotten a lot of people reaching out to me over the past year and in 2020 of other VAs seeking to learn how they can support musicians like I do.

This solidified a project that I’ve been sitting on that I knew needed to happen now. I realized, I need to release my own course on how to be a VA for musicians!

So…I’m really excited – and anxious – and all the feelings that entrepreneurs get – to share with you that I will be releasing an online self-teaching course for VAs, or anyone, to take and learn what I’ve learned over the 7+ years working closely with independent musicians.

I’m hoping to help other VAs find their niche and bring REAL VALUE to other musicians needing support. I’m hoping to help musicians learn more about what it takes day to day to support their independent careers.

I hope to share this course with you before the end of the year – I’ve taken my own advice and have a great VA of my own to kick my butt into high gear to make it happen. And I can’t wait for you to see what we create. 🙂

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