“I’ve had many interns, but working with an assistant well-versed in the ins and outs of the music industry is COMPLETELY different. Fiona has been proactive, organized and eager to help – and the best part is, I never have to worry about spending time managing her. Her schedule, hours, and expectations are very clear – that alone has helped with my own organization tremendously. After I send out tasks for a given day – I literally disconnect my phone, computer, and internet, and dive right into my writing. The extra time has enabled me to get enough writing done that I’ll be able to take on a new record MUCH earlier than anticipated. That alone is worth its weight in gold!

Aly Tadros, singer-songwriter and NY Times published writer (www.alytadros.com)










“Working with Fiona as your virtual assistant is like having a fairy godmother. All these tasks in your life that suck your time and attention, the ones you might let fall through the cracks, professional and personal… you make a wish and POOF! They’re done! I’ve managed about 10 other assistants and Fiona is truly exceptional. She’s creative, efficient, forward-thinking, organized, and has great judgment. She’s helped me with travel plans, bills & reimbursements, social media, creative projects, party planning, orders, correspondence—apparently, she can make just about anything happen.

I was initially unsure about her fees, which are higher than I had expected to pay, but she’s so efficient, getting things done so much faster than I could, that her work is easily worth every penny. Fiona will someday be running a giant organization, but we’re lucky to benefit from her leadership and organization skills for now. Yay! You are truly fortunate if you get the chance to work with her.”

Dr. Zoë Chance, Yale Universit Professor, speaker and author (www.zoechance.com)








“Fiona you have been a life saver! I’m able to focus on creating music, and great performances, without juggling all of the behind the scenes work simultaneously. I never seemed to have enough time in the day to tackle the back office tasks of being an independent artist, but with your assistance, I’ve truly been more productive and have seen growth. Thank you!
A.J. Ghent [ j-ent ], lap steel guitarist & singer-songwriter (www.ajghent.com)









“I don’t know what I would do without Fiona! Having her on my team has been a total game-changer for my music career. She is highly intelligent, organized, efficient, creative, trustworthy and communicative. When she notices that something needs to be done, she will often take the initiative to see that it’s taken care of right away. It’s also a huge bonus that her work with musicians has given her vast knowledge of the music business and a number of useful contacts within the industry. Plus, she has a lovely personality and is very easy to work with. If you’re an independent musician feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to bring your career to the next level, without reservation I would recommend hiring Fiona.”

Robyn Cage, singer-songwriter (www.robyncage.com)






“This is a testimonial I don’t want to write.  Because if other people out there know how awesome Fiona is then they will hire her and I won’t be able to keep her all to myself!!  Mine!  All mine!!!!  But alas, she’s so efficient at her job that no matter how much I throw at her she STILL has time for multiple clients.  So… I GUESS you can have her too.  But in all seriousness, Fiona is more amazing than I could’ve hoped for.  I found Fiona through another music acquaintance that had come across her site.  As an artist I have things on the business side that I love to do and things I hate to do.  Amazingly, Fiona seems to love all the things I hate to do.  Like posting my schedule.  There’s so many places to post, amiright?!?!  This was the first of many tasks that Fiona crushed for me.  Thanks to her, my show attendance and my fan reach is up and with that alone she pays for herself.  What I was most impressed with was how she integrated herself into my systems seamlessly.  Having an assistant has added legitimacy to my business.  And make no mistake, this IS a business and we all need to run it like one.  Successful businesses have assistants.  Now that Fiona has freed up more of my time I seem to spend it figuring out what other things I hate to do that I can have Fiona do for me.  So you better book her quick before I accidentally make it big and pay her millions to take her off the market.  Seriously.  Do it now!  You won’t find a better assistant out there (and really… is there anyone else out there who does what she does?!?!).”

Buckstein, singer-songwriter & American Idol finalist (www.bucksteinmusic.com)









“Hiring Fiona was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and my career.”

Plastic Sky, singer-songwriter (www.plasticsky.net)










Azania_TestimonialFiona Z. is simply the best. She is kind, attentive, efficient, precise, trustworthy and takes initiative. As an independent artist, there are so many things to think about and organize and it is wonderful to have the support of a person you can trust to get the job done quickly and follow through with what is delegated. Fiona is a great help and an awesome person to have on anyone’s team.”

Azania Noah, singer, featured on The Voice France 2015 (www.azania.com)










“When we first met I was struggling to balance keeping on top of all of the administrative side of being a traveling musician (organizing travel, contracts and national insurance forms for working abroad etc), whilst also attempting to do a full-time academic PhD at Cambridge! Things were chaotic and it made traveling quite stressful.

The process of transitioning to having an assistant has been fantastically easy. Fiona is wonderful – friendly, efficient, organized, and has taken all of the difficulties of working for a European client completely in her stride. I can’t recommend her highly enough -it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Fiona has transformed my working life.

Rachel Stroud, Baroque violinist







“Working with Fiona was an amazing experience! She is so creative herself and I loved and encouraged her to bring her ideas to the process. The best part of it was that I could hand her my newsletter over and a lot of the graphic design work, which were things I didn’t enjoy! She is incredible accountable and I really appreciated that she went above and beyond. I felt incredibly supported! It is also very important to me that someone is a good communicator, and I could always count on her to respond to me quickly.

Because I hired Fiona I felt a lot less stressed out! It was also helpful to have someone to believe in me in this process! I was able to focus on reaching out to people personally and request the financial support I was looking for during my Pledgemusic campaign.”

Roswitha, violinist and singer-songwriter (www.queenrosemusic.com)







“Fiona has been an absolute godsend for my online studio. Having her as part of my team has helped me get more educational material out to violinists around the world freeing up my time for me to be able to practice, perform and create more. It is such a great feeling knowing when I am out performing she can continue the online projects and help out with students when needed. Her support with my students and clients is spot on.”

Heather Broadbent, founder of Online Violin Education (www.onlineviolineducation.com)







Kognitif_Testimonial“Fiona did an outstanding job writing our press kit. She also have very good graphic design skills, which is very useful. Excellent experience, I would definitely work with her again.

Joseph Leveque, Manager (The Link Productions)





“Hiring and finding great people to work with is an ongoing challenge that really determines the results you get in life. Fiona is one of those rare superstars that makes the hiring process worth it. Fiona is a great communicator, works well with deadlines and is a real team player. I always get amazing feedback from other contractors after they’ve interacted with Fiona. Your search is over: If you’re looking for somebody to help you run your life so you can focus on the things that are most important to you,  I can’t recommend Fiona enough.

Dean Palibroda (OrganizedandProductive.com)


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