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Working with my clients, I realized that there are a lot of cross-overs of types of organizational tools that I use for their travel, expenses, research – no matter the genre or level of musician. My clients tend to ask for the same types of things, such as:
-Concert and travel itineraries.
-Festival or Contest research – including deadlines and distance from home.
-Handling Guest Lists – for private events where people RSVP.
-Tracking their expenses for each event.
Now, you and I would both go crazy if you had to start over for each project without a template. It eats away time and effectiveness without the proper templates in place. I would be costing hours of my clients’ time building out an itinerary or expense sheet from scratch! So, in my years of being an assistant, I’ve built templates that I use each and every day in my business.
Because I want you to save time and frustration (and money!), I’d like to share with you my templates. So here you go. Download, share and most importantly: USE and make your life easier!
Download DOCX
This template gives you the layout for an easy to read itinerary that will help you map out your next event or tour, approved by a Grammy winner.



Download XLXS
Need to keep track of all upcoming Folk festivals in the northeast area? This template will do it for you.


Download XLXS
Handling guest RSVPs without TicketFly or Eventbrite? Trust me, it still happens. Stay on top of the list with this templates.

Download XLXS
Need to keep track of expenses and revenue for each event? See exactly what you’re making and spending with this tracker.

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