My 6 favorite resources of 2021

We are here in December of what has been quite a year, and I just want to say I’m very grateful for you being here. I thought it might be nice to reflect on the year and share what my six¬†favorite resources and tools were and why. If you haven’t used any of them below, hopefully they can help you out in your career!

Indiepreneur –
Indiepreneur was founded by musicians and offer real and practical advice for marketing your music in today’s world. I specifically enjoy their podcast that continually gives great ideas. I highly recommend you subscribe to their feed today.

Ecwid –
Ecwid is an e-commerce platform and I just enjoy how SIMPLE the set up is on their site and integrating with your existing website along with Facebook and Instagram. I actually enjoy using this platform so I try to recommend it to anyone looking for an e-commerce solution.

Thrivecart –
This is a pricey one, but I personally saw my client earn her investment on it (and then some) within months of signing up. This platform creates fast and easy to use landing pages where you can promote products or events and easily grow your email list. It’s worth the price if you’re looking to invest in landing page strategies in your business.

LinkTree –
I think every musician should be utilizing this tool for their social media accounts. If you’re not familiar with what LinkTree is, it’s the ability to create one link to promote multiple links. So, you could add this one link to your Instagram profile, and it could include your latest release, your merch, your tour dates, and whatever else you want to promote. And you don’t have to change the link whenever you want to promote something and include #linkinbio.

SweepWidget –
Without the ability to go on tour, some of my clients were left with merch sitting in storage all year. As an idea to push out merchandise as well as grow their audience, we offered contests during the year! Depending on what my client wanted to focus on, we’d have some sort of gate where they had to follow them on Spotify, or give their email address – they had to do something in order to enter. It’s a win win for everyone!

Ari’s Take –
Ari Herstand is someone I’ve followed since I’ve started working in the music industry (ahem 10+ years ago?!?). I still reference his blog today, and his best-selling book “How to Make It in the New Music Business” is fantastic. My favorite post is the one he did comparing all of the distribution options.

Have you used any of the tools or resources above? Are there others you think are even better? Let me know…and see you in 2022!


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