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Hey there! I’m Fiona, and I’m a virtual assistant. But I’m not your average V.A.

I specialize in working for musicians, taking their daily struggles and busywork off of their plates so they can focus their energy and time on their music – and in turn, make more money with less stress. I don’t just help entrepreneurial musicians with their office tasks, I improve their everyday lives as being someone they can depend on to get things done.


Becoming a virtual assistant wasn’t always the plan.

Growing up, I thought I’d become a professional musician myself. I studied violin for over 15 years, but after the lessons, summer camps, performances… nerves got the best of me and I didn’t see a future as a musician. I saw how difficult it was to be a musician, out there on your own.

My journey took a turn and I entered the world of music business, working behind the scenes of musician’s independent enterprises.


On the Christmas tour with Grammy-winning musician, Mark O’Connor

I realized working with musicians, that you have the aspiration and the drive, but the issue is that time runs out and you burn out from trying to complete all of your goals while also staying creative, write music, record a new album or perform. As your assistant, taking care of the administrative tasks of your business allow you that time and gives you freedom.

Effortlessly, you become happier and more successful because the services I provide give you space and time to work on your craft. That means everything to me.

When I’m not dedicating my time helping musicians, I enjoy writing  and sharing my experiences with pieces of advice if you will, as well as checking out the music scene in whatever city I’m living in.



New York University, Masters in Music Business
Hollins University, Bachelors in Music, minor in Business

Thinking you could use some support in your career as a musician? Let’s get in touch – I’d love to help you out.



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